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Previously, I had mentioned to get free credit reports at, but how about your score? Here’s a free service, nothing to cancel, painless sign-up process, no strings attached: Credit Karma. It’s not an official FICO score, but it’s based on data from TransUnion. The site is mentioned here, and another review here. Advertisements



For all of you standing in line, here’s a tip for next time: Vote-By-Mail Yes, you have the option of mailing it in and never stepping into a polling station (however you need to mail it early on), but you also have the option of dropping your mail ballot off at ANY (not just the […]



Halloween has come and gone, and while most people are excited about this October 31 holiday, I am most excited about November 1st. Why? The post Halloween candy clearance sale. This is my annual tradition where I raid the Target/Walmarts in my area for some good candy. This year I was in LA for the […]

So we “gained” an hour today — and almost everyone rejoices at this Saturday night as they realize they get an extra hour of sleep. Me? I HATE “Standard Time” (not Daylight Savings Time). Why? Because it gets dark at 5p now. Depressing. It’s dark when you go to work, and dark when you leave […]