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I received my corrected and updated Experian Credit Report in the mail yesterday. Most of it was correct, but they still had one name/address/credit card lingering on there that wasn’t mine. I called and filed yet another dispute, and it was changed within a day (got the Dispute Results via email/online this time around). Well […]

What has always really irritated me is why airlines make you TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS during take-off and landing, and then let you use it when you’re in the air. This has always struck me as a nonsense rule.  I read an article today that actually answers a lot of interesting cell phone network questions […]

Credit Reports


After getting rejected from a credit card last week, I was suspicious since it cited “insufficient credit” reasons for my denial (credit info from Experian). I’ve been meaning to get free copies of my credit report for years now so I finally had a catalyst to do it. If you don’t know already, you’re entitled […]