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As some of you know, I sent a letter to the consumer relations dept of Under Armour 2-3 months ago because I was so dissatisfied with my cleats that I had just gotten in January. The quality is SO poor of these things. Under Armour makes great apparel, but I can’t recommend their footwear. So […]



I’ve always recycled because, well, it seems like the right thing to do. But even if you don’t care much about recycling, CRV really should make you think twice about it. Traditionally though, the problem is that it’s quite the hassle to actually get your money. If you don’t know already, stores actually charge you […]

New Blog


Hello, I’ve decided to switch from Xanga to WordPress mainly for the cleaner look and so I can blog from my iPhone. Well, not that I really blogged on Xanga in the recent few years, but I’d like to start again. That’s all.