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My current pair of cleats (that I use for football and ultimate frisbee) recently broke. Like clockwork, after about a year, my cleats break. The last 3 years I’ve been trying new brands each time; Under Armour (the worst), Reebok, and Adidas. ┬áMy cleats break on the edges where the outsole is connected to the […]

LT3970 Datasheet … finally!

Kim and I found out that students can buy 1 Cal football student season ticket for themselves and 1 extra for a spouse with valid proof. Unfortunately, by the time we’re getting married in August, it is often sold out already. Then we realized we can get our marriage license application now (<90 days before […]

Kim and I went shopping for wedding bands a week ago at the Jewelry district in downtown LA. I just wanted something simple for myself. Traditionally, the metals for wedding bands are white gold and platinum, platinum being the more expensive (>2x) of the two. Platinum is softer, scratches easier, and doesn’t keep its shine […]



Halloween has come and gone, and while most people are excited about this October 31 holiday, I am most excited about November 1st. Why? The post Halloween candy clearance sale. This is my annual tradition where I raid the Target/Walmarts in my area for some good candy. This year I was in LA for the […]

So we “gained” an hour today — and almost everyone rejoices at this Saturday night as they realize they get an extra hour of sleep. Me? I HATE “Standard Time” (not Daylight Savings Time). Why? Because it gets dark at 5p now. Depressing. It’s dark when you go to work, and dark when you leave […]

I received my corrected and updated Experian Credit Report in the mail yesterday. Most of it was correct, but they still had one name/address/credit card lingering on there that wasn’t mine. I called and filed yet another dispute, and it was changed within a day (got the Dispute Results via email/online this time around). Well […]