Halloween has come and gone, and while most people are excited about this October 31 holiday, I am most excited about November 1st.

Why? The post Halloween candy clearance sale. This is my annual tradition where I raid the Target/Walmarts in my area for some good candy. This year I was in LA for the weekend and initially was worried. But I got the chance to go to a Walmart Superstore Saturday morning and there was plenty of selection left there at the traditional 50% off clearance.

Here are my spoils of victory =))

Another funny incident from this is I flew these back from LA in my carry-on baggage. As it went through screening, I was thinking, hmm I wonder if they’re going to be wondering what all that stuff is. And then I heard the screener laugh and say “somebody’s got a LOT of food, a LOT of food!”

Kimberly’s family initially thought I was crazy for buying so much candy– but now they know Nov 1 is the time to buy =) Her dad went out and got two bags at a nearby drugstore later that day.. =]


5 Responses to “Candy!”

  1. 1 Lizamon

    How did you get so much good candy? I went to Walmat too but all I could find was the gross Miley Cyrus candy bracelets and stale-looking candy corn. Maybe they all got sold out right away (I went around 2pm Nov.1) =P


  2. 2 Vicky

    once again, your body’s ability to metabolize vast quantities of sugar amazes me. don’t you get thirsty eating all that candy???

    ps. what happened to starburst? i thought that was your favorite.


  3. 3 bj

    Man, I think i’m out-growing candy. 😦 Looking at all of that candy makes me sick. :[[[[[ I’m hoping that’s because I just ate …


  4. haha wow that IS a lot of candy–why are there SO MANY skittles??


  5. 5 leslie

    i totally did that too.

    (btw, google reader recommended your blog to me =p)


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