Tungsten Wedding Band


Kim and I went shopping for wedding bands a week ago at the Jewelry district in downtown LA. I just wanted something simple for myself. Traditionally, the metals for wedding bands are white gold and platinum, platinum being the more expensive (>2x) of the two. Platinum is softer, scratches easier, and doesn’t keep its shine as well, but white gold has the problem of discoloring a bit after years and requiring “rhodium plating” maintenance. However, I’d become interested in two alternative materials when shopping previously: titanium and tungsten, both cheaper than the former two “precious” metals. Titanium is very light and a bit stronger than gold and and platinum. Tungsten is VERY hard (just shy of diamond hardness) and I became really drawn to it when I was browsing around. By the way, a lot of drill bits (that drill through metal) are tungsten tipped. I actually really like the color of it as it’s a little darker than the typical silver color. It is a bit heavier than the rest of the materials but not significantly so. But basically it is deemed unscratchable (I guess unless you use a sharp diamond) and keeps its shine forever with almost no maintenance required (check out this youtube of a guy taking a hammer claw to it). For those worried about emergencies, the band can be easily cracked with a vice grip (hard metals are also more brittle, so they crack under the right kind of pressure.. youtube demo) and apparently all ERs know how to deal with them now.

So as you might’ve guessed, I ended up getting the tungsten band — and it was much cheaper than the white gold too! I love it!

I must say, it’s quite the trip to put it on, one tangible step closer to marriage becoming a reality.

…I’m really tempted to try scratching it =P



2 Responses to “Tungsten Wedding Band”

  1. 1 Jeff

    I think you just sold me on Tungsten!


  2. 2 Ray

    Very informative. Makes me wanna get one just for the heck of it! Too bad I’m not getting married anytime soon.


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