How the Internet Works


Ever wonder what IP addresses are? DNS? Subnets? TCP? Ports? Firewalls?

While trying to set up a SSH server for my desktop computer, I did a lot of self-educating through wikipedia and other websites and also tried out different SSH servers before finding WinSSHD to be the best. Anyway, while doing all that I stumbled upon an educational read that clarified how the internet works and how SSH tunneling works. This is a fantastic, quick read.

What you need to know about the Internet (anyone interested in understanding the Internet [and terms above] should read this)

A short guide to SSH port forwarding (read this only if you care to learn about SSH tunneling)


One Response to “How the Internet Works”

  1. well… let’s see. if you have a sufficiently good computer (e.g. for $700 bucks you can get yourself a 24″ monitor and a Quad Core PC with 4GB+ of RAM), i prefer doing this: run VMWare Server, which is free, and a bunch of Ubuntu Desktop or Server images. Then just do port-forwarding for your VMWare instance, and run all the de facto, industry-standard and open-source programs that are best-in-class!

    backing up becomes a cinch… you can do two-way samba (sambafs and regular samba daemon), rsync scripts running as cronjobs

    and hard-backups are as easy as backing up your virtual disk file

    AND if you really have to restart, just dump your package list and it will automatically grab and install the programs for you.

    takes quite a bit of effort to learn, but i mostly picked it up out of necessity and over time.


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