Photography Basics


I just came across a great, short article on some photography term basics that anyone with a camera should read (not just DSLR, but point-and-shoot as well). It’ll be worth your while and may inspire you to experiment more with your camera instead of always using “automatic” mode. From

Master your DSLR Camera with two tutorials.

It’s easy to think that once you’ve dropped the plastic on a professional (or pro-am), exchangeable-lens digital camera, your shots will automatically be worthy of Flickr’s front page. And to some extent, you do have a better sensor and glass pointed at your subjects—but there’s a lot more to great photos than hardware. Learn to let go of “auto” mode and get schooled about lighting, flash use, and much more with photographer Scott D. Feldstein’s two-part DSLR guide for Lifehacker readers. Part one takes you through the basics of flash use, ISO modes and white balance. Part two gets all photo lab on you, opening your eyes to shutter speeds, apertures, and explaning how all those settings fit together into great shots.


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  1. ooh! will definitely read when done with finals. =)


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