Credit Reports (cont’d)


I received my corrected and updated Experian Credit Report in the mail yesterday. Most of it was correct, but they still had one name/address/credit card lingering on there that wasn’t mine. I called and filed yet another dispute, and it was changed within a day (got the Dispute Results via email/online this time around). Well glad my Experian Credit Report is clean now. I wonder now if I should check my EquiFax report too.

Something else I learned/realized from this is that Business Credit Cards do NOT show up on your personal credit report (even if it’s not a true business card and you just use your own name as the business name to qualify for the credit card). For better or for worse. In my case, I think that’s for the worse. Hum. So “business” credit reports are a separate report, but I’m not sure how to look at that one (nor do I really care to I guess). Ah well.

Now the question is, do I feel safe applying for credit cards again.. I don’t want to be rejected again.


One Response to “Credit Reports (cont’d)”

  1. 1 Jeff

    Wow crazy story. I did check my Experian report a few weeks back and all was well. I guess there aren’t too many Jeff Yins around. I’m sure your credit card app should go through fine, now that things have been cleared up.


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