Why can’t I use electronics during take-off on an airplane?


What has always really irritated me is why airlines make you TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS during take-off and landing, and then let you use it when you’re in the air. This has always struck me as a nonsense rule.  I read an article today that actually answers a lot of interesting cell phone network questions and explains in plain jargon how things work. But as a funny side note, it answered a question I’ve always wondered regarding electronics on airplanes. Here it is:

As a side note, the real reason airlines make you turn all your electronics off during takeoff and landing is so you aren’t distracted and can hear and follow directions if something goes wrong.

Haha. I KNEW it was a nonsense rule. Anyway, here’s the rest of the article with a quick abstract from Slashdot:

We seldom think about how our mobile phones actually work, but in this TidBITS article, Rich Mogull pulls back the covers and peels away the jargon to explain why text messages work when voice calls are dropped, why your battery lasts longer in some places than in others, why you’re not allowed to use phones on airplanes, why you can be notified of a voicemail message when your phone never rang, and more.

Here’s the link: Peering Inside a Mobile Network. It’s an interesting read!


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