Under Armour, the Response


As some of you know, I sent a letter to the consumer relations dept of Under Armour 2-3 months ago because I was so dissatisfied with my cleats that I had just gotten in January. The quality is SO poor of these things. Under Armour makes great apparel, but I can’t recommend their footwear. So here are photos that I had sent to them with a letter:

So today I finally got a response back in the mail:

So I got nothing. I asked for a refund or compensation or something. Nothing. So should I call them to “discuss the situation”??


3 Responses to “Under Armour, the Response”

  1. 1 Vicky

    hi dan! you xanga ditcher =p haha

    it’s funny, b/c i remember reading an article about under armour (in Time or something) about how they want to extend the UA brand to shoes (which is supposed to be a very competitive market). Judging by your experience, it doesn’t look like they’re doing a very good job =P


  2. 2 JT

    dude, that sucks.

    “thanks for telling us.”


  3. 3 JT

    yeah, call them.. I think they want to reimburse you some way that is mutually acceptable.


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