I’ve always recycled because, well, it seems like the right thing to do. But even if you don’t care much about recycling, CRV really should make you think twice about it. Traditionally though, the problem is that it’s quite the hassle to actually get your money. If you don’t know already, stores actually charge you ~5 cents a can/bottle up front in CRV, and you need to take it to recycling centers to get it back. Because of the hassle, most people don’t bother and either end up throwing it away or throwing it in a recycling bin, not bothering to get their CRV back. Me? Out of principle, I always want my money back. I did it in San Diego, and I’m doing it again at work. I actually stockpile my cubicle at work with sodas (for lunch) and costco water (for sports) to intake at work, and when I’m done, I throw the emtpy can/bottle in a plastic bag. I started work in July 2008, and finally decided it was time to go get my money. Here’s what I got:

Those cans and bottles are all totally crushed, so it’s more than it looks like. Kinda.

So I went to a recycling center that my co-worker had a coupon for (yes, recycling centers actually compete for your business with prices that they’ll give you per pound of aluminum or plastic). Any guesses how much money this is based on the photos above?

Answer: Well, here’s the receipt I got:


Yup, it’s a lot or a little, depending on your initial guess.

Some may say it’s not worth it, storing all those cans/bottles in my cubicle for 14 months, and having to drive over the recycling center. But hey, it’s my money I’m getting back. And it’s the principle. I want my money back. I’m actually not sure if this is what I’m supposed to get back (5 cents a bottle/can) since they do it by weight, but shrug, beats nothing. And I’m recycling. Yay.


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